Privacy Policy

Search Engine Ads
  • As many other professional sites, invest on the internet advertisement. Our advertise partners include bing Ads (Yahoo Ads). In order to maximize online advertising ROI and to find target clients, applied some tracking codes generated by those search engines to record user IPs and page viewing flows.
Business Contact Data
  • We collect all the business contact data sent through emails or web forms on from visitors. The visitor identification and contact related data entered will be kept strictly for’s internal use. will ensure the safety and proper usage of those data.
Information Usage
  • We will only use your personally identifiable information as described below, unless you have specifically consented to another type of use, either at the time the personally identifiable information is collected from you or through some other form of consent from you:
  • 1. We will use personally identifiable information to complete any orders you have placed.
  • 2. We will use personally identifiable information to provide you with the specific services that you have requested, such as to reach a retailer.
  • 3. We will use your personally identifiable information to respond to questions that you send to us.
  • 4. We will use your personally identifiable information to send you emails from time to time, such as newsletters and notices about our promotions.
  • 5. We may disclose personally identifiable information as required by law or legal process.
  • 6. We may disclose personally identifiable information to investigate suspected fraud, harassment or other violations of any law, rule or regulation, or the terms or policies for the Web site.
  • Upon your request, we will (a) correct or update your personal information; (b) stop sending emails to your email address; and/or (c) disable your account to prevent any future purchases through that account. You can make these requests at the customer information section, or by telephoning, or emailing your request to’s Customer Support department at service@ . Please do not email your credit card number or other sensitive information.


  • 和其他许多专业网站一样,86daigou.com也投资于网络广告。我们的广告合作伙伴包括必应广告(雅虎广告)。为了最大化在线广告ROI和寻找目标客户,86daigou.com应用这些搜索引擎生成的一些跟踪代码来记录用户IP和查看页面流量
  • 我们收集所有通过86daigou.com上的电子邮件或网络表格从访问者那里发送的商业联系数据。输入的访问者身份和联系人相关数据将严格保存,以便86代沟网站内部使用。86daigou.com将确保这些数据的安全和正确使用。
  • 我们将只使用您的个人可识别信息,如下所述,除非您已经特别同意另一种类型的使用,无论是在从您收集个人可识别信息时,还是通过某种其他形式的同意:
  • 1.我们将使用个人可识别的信息来完成您所下的任何订单。
  • 2.我们将使用个人可识别的信息为您提供您所要求的具体服务,如联系零售商。
  • 3.我们将使用您个人可识别的信息来回答您发送给我们的问题。
  • 4.我们会利用您的个人识别信息,不时地向您发送电子邮件,如通讯和宣传我们的促销通知。
  • 5.我们可以根据法律或法律程序的要求披露个人可识别信息。
  • 6.我们可能会公开个人可识别的信息,以调查涉嫌欺诈、骚扰或其他违反任何法律、规则或规章的行为,或网站的条款或政策
  • 根据您的要求,我们将 (a)更正或更新您的个人信息; (b)停止向您的电子邮件地址发送电子邮件; (c)禁用您的帐户以防止将来其他人通过该帐户进行任何购买。您可以在客户信息部分提出这些请求,或者通过电话或电子邮件将您的请求发送到86daigou.com的客户支持部门。请不要用电子邮件发送您的信用卡号码或其他敏感信息。